Highest Lux levels with no increase to costs

Wednesday 22nd March, 2017

Yes, that’s right whether you are in an office, workshop, factory, retail unit etc you can have the latest energy saving lighting with the highest Lux levels with no increase to costs and serious future savings!

Important new service for 2017
We are launching a brand new service to help our customers save even more money by switching over to LED lighting without increasing overheads – all costs are cancelled out by the savings that you will make.

Not only can we help you achieve full switch over to LED lighting, we can even take care of the finance leaving you to do what you do best while your business enjoys the benefit of modernisation and future cost savings.

From a company you can trust we are a totally independent family owned business ranked as a ‘top ten’ consultant by the suppliers:

  • We offer a fully transparent charging mechanism
  • We are ethically driven and customer focussed
  • We work with major automotive and insurance repair experts, many being with us for over 20 years

Brighten up your working environment and save money by calling us now on 01246 298598. One of our team is waiting to help.