Why use an energy consultancy?

Tuesday 16th May, 2017

Our products and services are designed to make your life easier and more profitable by avoiding common mistakes. Yes, you can buy energy yourself, but in a complex market it just isn’t as simple as ‘the cheapest price wins’. It is also quite possible that you have been overpaying bills for up to six years: that money can be recovered if you know how!

Issues that you may come across without our help could be a number of things. The market fluctuates, and buying energy effectively is a matter of expert timing. Likewise, in-depth knowledge is needed for buying the correct product, paying the bills without validation and monitoring correctly.

You are also liable to incur fines and penalties for missing complex legislation, and you may not have the correct contacts or processes to be able to deal effectively with the energy companies.

This is where we come in!

We are truly independent and impartial – we don’t work for anyone but our clients and will always find them the deal that suits their needs exactly. We track overpaid bills and get them refunded, we keep a very close eye on markets, and we are fully transparent in what we do.

To cap it all off, our initial valuation is free: you only pay eca if you choose to use us. Why not give eca a try this Spring?