ECA and EDF launch Flex:Able

Thursday 31st August, 2017

ECA Group and EDF energy have joined forces to bring you Flex:Able, a product available from ECA Group aimed at bringing certainty in an uncertain world.

The wholesale electricity market is volatile and unpredictable – at last there is a product that takes away that uncertainty. Flex:Able allows access to products that are not universally available.

A Flex:Able contract:

  • Reduces the risk of all energy being fixed at a peak in the market.
  • Manages with an appropriate risk management strategy; as purchasing decisions are made, budget certainty is increased and exposure to market volatility is decreased. This increases control over cost elements.
  • Provides the ability to bespoke a contract to your needs.

Flex:Able is a simple version of a flex contract. It offers the benefit of multiple energy purchases, but with fixed non-energy costs and unlimited volume tolerance.

So if you are using 2-50GWh EAC then this might be for you.
Find out if you can take advantage of Flex:Able and call us now on 01246 290490.