The next edition of ISO 50001

Monday 4th September, 2017

ISO 50001, the international standard for energy management, is in the process of being revised to bring it into line with the other ISO standards and the new ‘higher level structure’ that will be a running theme through them all. It also now includes a new hurdle; you will have to demonstrate improvement in energy performance in order to be certified.

This means that the option of getting certified from a ‘standing start’ with a policy commitment and suitable actions plans has gone. You will also have to demonstrate that energy performance has continually improved to get recertification. This new requirement for performance improvement has been snuck in as a requirement under a new standard for the regulation of certifying bodies, ISO50003, which means that you will also have to include ISO5001 under you ‘legal and other requirements’.

The publication has been brought forward from January 2019 to June 2018 at which point the current standard will be ISO 50001: 2018 rather than the old version ISO 50001: 2011.

This means that anyone going for first time certification after June 2018 will have to do so to the new standard. The business going for certification will need to comply with ISO 50001:2018 and the certification body will need to comply with ISO5003. This could cause some businesses to accelerate their implementation programme if they will be close to certification readiness at that point, and it could cause significant delays to others who will need to revise their part implemented systems to comply with the new standard.

Of course in addition to its stand alone benefits ISO 50001 can be used as a means of compliance with the ESOS regulations, providing a valid certificate is held on the 5th December 2019. Certificates last for three years so if your certificate to ISO 50001: 2011 was received after the 5th December 2016, it will be acceptable as compliance with ESOS on the 5th December 2019. If your certificate was received to ISO 50001: 2011 before the 5th December 2016 then to comply with ESOS your renewal will need to be to the new standard ISO 50001: 2018.

For more information on how ISO 50001 could work for your business contact ECA.