One week to go – April Renewals

Monday 26th March, 2018

Don’t leave it too late – Plan now to get the best deal on gas and electricity

ECA Cheapest Energy saves you time and money whilst providing peace of mind energy contract renewals.

With so many changes to legislation and energy taxation now is the time to let our experts help you plan your next renewal, we will:

  • Evaluate your existing arrangements and seek to save you significant sums of money, up to 30% in some cases.
  • Trawl the entire energy market for the best deal. No preferred supplier – just the cheapest price for your portfolio.

Free evaluation on your electricity and gas prices.
There is no cost to you or your business.

Quick and easy process – no forms to fill in.
The whole process is very straightforward and does not involve you in any lengthy form filling or writing of contracts.

Quotes provided within 24 hours.

Simply send us one copy invoice and one letter of authorisation and leave the rest to us, easy!

Once you are a member of the ECA family we will keep you on track for future deals by placing you into our reminder service where we track the market ahead of your next renewal ensuring that you continue to get the best deal.

Ask one of our advisors about the benefits of upgrading your service to Cheapest Energy for even more benefit by being part of our constant tendering service giving you on going online access to our innovative ‘market index’, bulletins, blogs and supplier index.

Don’t miss out plan to save money now at: and fill out the very simple form or call us on 01246 290490 and we will get the process underway immediately.