Fed up with rising utility prices?

Monday 21st May, 2018

Once again energy prices have risen way beyond any kind of reference as to how business or households will cope with such huge increases.

We are ECA Group and we exist by saving our clients time and very considerable sums of money on energy purchasing: water, gas and electricity as well as streamlining their operations and keeping them compliant. Last year alone we saved over £10m for our clients.

This is no accident
We are able to do this by applying new thinking to our in-depth knowledge of the markets combined with knowledge gained over the past 31 years that we have been in business.

This is about you, not us.
We hear so many complaints about the lack of respect (like raising prices by a shocking 12.5% in one go!) and customer service from the big companies these days we feel that it’s important to tell you that our teams are trained in the art of understanding ownership of customer needs, whether it’s a simple issue of finding the right person for you to speak to or nursing a sensitive issue through to a satisfactory conclusion that’s what we do.

Above all treating your money like it’s our own is what drives us! Nothing satisfies us more than getting you a deal that you weren’t expecting.

Fight back and turn the tide of constant price increases by the big 6. Call us today and see what we can do for you. We know that you will be pleasantly surprised and a lot better off, so call us now on 01246 290490.