Reduce your energy costs by Sourcing the right meter operator.

Tuesday 19th June, 2018

The subject of metering is often confusing for customers particularly since privatisation whereby by the meter operator contract became separate to the standard supply agreement.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! Sourcing the right DC and MOP contracts will help you better understand how much energy you are using and when you are using it, enabling you to reduce consumption and costs.

A meter operator (MO or MOP) in the UK energy industry is an organisation responsible for installing and maintaining electricity and gas meters. Since 1998 there has been full competition for meter operators, allowing the meter operator for a particular supply to be contracted with the energy supplier by either the supplier’s discretion or at the customer’s direction. Consumption data from the installed metering is then collected by the appointed data collector to be submitted for billing.

Data can be remotely accessed on a daily basis by specialist Data Collectors (DC). They are responsible for determining the electricity consumption of supplies. DC’s also keep records of previous meter readings and are also responsible for doing visual checks of meters when they read them.

A Meter operator is only required for Half Hourly electricity contracts but you must have a valid mop agreement in place if your contract covers the supply of the meter, maintenance and the necessary telecommunications for sending the consumption data to your chosen energy supplier.

Failure to appoint a 3rd party meter operator could mean that your energy supplier may appoint one for you using a preferred supplier. The additional cost is normally passed on to you via your supply contract. However, over the last few years suppliers prefer customers to appoint their own direct MOP thus avoiding any conflicts of interest as this service is billed separately.

Take control today

We can help by organising this for you at excellent rates:
MOPs cost £246 plus VAT per annum.
DCs cost £190 plus VAT per annum.

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