FiT closure from April 2019

Monday 30th July, 2018

The government is proposing to close the generation and export Feed in Tariff to new applicants from 31st March 2019, with exemptions for certain installations where they have applied for pre-accreditation before this date. The consultation seeks views on the process of closure and the industry is as certain as we can be that the scheme will indeed close on 31st March 2019. There will be no special provision for those projects in oversubscribed deployment caps and queuing for the tariff at the close of the scheme.

The reason for this is that the deployment of small scale low carbon electricity generating technologies without direct subsidy is becoming increasingly possible, and that was the reason for the scheme in the first place. The proposals will have no effect on installations currently accredited under the scheme and so the FiT element of the consumer’s electricity bill is expected to continue. The impact on customer’s bills is expected to be £1,600 million per year in 2010.