Bill Validation

Tuesday 25th September, 2018

Bill Validation – How can ECA save your company money?

Large international retailer: received a water invoice for where the meter readings didn’t follow on, this was raised in validation and subsequently taken up with the supplier. They advised a meter exchange had taken place and sent a revised invoice, this was processed, and the readings still didn’t follow on, so we queried the invoice with them again, they agreed the readings were incorrect and investigated the meter exchange. The investigation was concluded, and the billing amended which resulted in a refund for the client of £18,133.87.

Visitor attraction: Our client recently informed us that one of their buildings is not a commercial building but actually tenanted flats, they had been charged VAT at incorrect rates since 2014 as we were unaware of the building’s purpose. We managed to get all incorrect invoices credited and re-billed resulting in a refund of £2,616.57.

Hotel: £12,097.82 credit applied to account following an underground undetected leak. We raised a complaint with the wholesale water company via a supplier and £12,097.82 refund was granted.

Automotive: We recently received an invoice for
£323,062, we contacted the supplier and asked them to look into it, they have come back and acknowledged the error as the readings had been printed incorrectly on the invoice. This is currently in the process of being credited and re-billed, the re-bill should be for £1,500, a big difference in figures!

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