Warning Spam emails

Tuesday 25th September, 2018

There have been a few reports recently that emails have been sent with the appearance that they were sent by staff at ECA.

  • We just wanted to make you aware that after investigation we don’t believe our systems have been compromised, but some of our email addresses may have been captured by someone else being compromised.
  • Check that the ‘reply-to’ email address matches with the name and/or email address it is claiming to be from.
  • Avoid opening any attachments until you are certain of the source and are confident that the email isn’t spam. Typically, attachments are .zip files or word documents that contain an external link.
  • Check that any hyperlinks contained within the email by hovering over them. This should identify the ACTUAL location the link would take you to. Again – if this doesn’t seem to add up, avoid clicking on it.
  • Check the actual contents of the email. Are you typically someone that would receive the contents of the email within your business? These emails tend to relate to invoices or deliveries.
  • If you are using outlook or similar alternative, avoid downloading the pictures of the email. This option is typically at the very top of the email. Downloading the pictures on an email can notify the sender that they have a valid email address which they will further use in follow-up spam email attempts.

Generally, if the email appears to contain suspicious contents or is from a suspicious source – it probably is. These emails are vague in their descriptions and are often sent in the hope that you click links or open attachments to either compromise your own systems or confirm details to them to use in further spam attempts.

Please contact us via official channels (known email addresses and phone numbers) if you are unsure of any email you have received that appears to be from us and we will put your mind at rest.