NHS/ECA Better Together

Wednesday 17th October, 2018

NHS/ECA Better Together

  • When did you last undertake an historic forensic audit of your energy & water costs?
  • ECA Group is now on the NHS Shared Business Services approved supplier bill validation framework! 
  • It is now even easier to appoint an approved supplier to detect billing errors and recover overpaid energy & water charges.
  • No savings / no fees! (Charges are based on a % of savings.)

A compliant route to access our professional energy services:

ECA Core provides a fully managed energy and water bureau service that keeps your portfolio up to date and removes the burden of utilities management.

ECA Core provides a bill validation and query resolution service across your portfolio that protects you from overcharging and also undercharging, automatically rebalancing your financial position.

ECA Core provides a reporting service that uses your language and references, and focuses attention on the issues that are most important to your business.

ECA Core users constantly benefit from our expertise. In the last 12 months we have delivered the following results on their behalf:

  • Over £22 million of savings secured through our specialist negotiations
  • Over 78,000 billing queries resolved, as many as 80% of all supplier invoices fail our comprehensive validation process
  • Over £2.5million of refunds secured through our query management process

Let us identify similar savings for you! contact us

Over £100k in refunds identified for a large NHS hospital on metering anomalies found in the historical billing.

Searching the past to find future energy savings. ECA Forensic investigates historical electricity, gas and water billing and identifies potential savings that would not be found in any normal invoice validation process. ECA provide this service on a percentage of savings achieved during the audit.

Let us identify similar electricity, gas and water billing savings for your portfolio!

ECA Group is market leading, family owned and independent. We are well known for our transparency and skills in energy buying, managing contracts and billing services for commercial organisations.

We exist by saving our clients time and very considerable sums of money on energy purchasing: water, gas and electricity as well as streamlining their operations and keeping them compliant.

So, if you would like to:

  • Make some real savings on energy & water costs
  • Have peace of mind that you are legally compliant
  • Have an energy partner who really cares about you and your business and can plan for the future.

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