ECA Automotive launch energy baskets for it’s bodyshop clients

Tuesday 27th November, 2018

ECA Automotive launch energy baskets for it’s bodyshop clients.

Energy prices are set to continue increasing, wholesale electricity and gas costs are forecast to increase by over 25% by 2020, due to volatile markets and increasing taxes and system charges.

ECA automotive can help you to combat these charges!
We have developed electricity and gas purchasing deals whereby bodyshops have access to flexible purchasing normally only available for large consumers (basket deals).

This technique can deliver savings of up to 10% against purchasing on a normal fixed price contract.

We are ABP’s recommended energy partners and our clients include Alton Cars, Balgores, Rye Street and Gemini.

To take advantage of this special offer and begin to make savings: Call us now on 01246 290490, the sooner you call the quicker we can demonstrate how this and our other services can benefit you.