Happy Birthday to us!

Our business has reached its 30th year of trading, so congratulations all-round and a special thanks to the staff, clients, suppliers and partners who have helped us reach this milestone.

Occasions like this represent a good time to pause and remember some of the principles and market leading innovations that this company has pioneered or helped to pioneer.

The business was very much founded on a base of adopting strong ethics and values way before it became the latest management fad. Striving to provide transparency and fairness for our clients we were the first consultants to introduce fixed fee retainer agreements.

The invitation to consult onto the OFGEM TPI code of conduct working party was a highlight in 2013 for us, an endorsement that our ethos and values are recognised outside of the business.

Our product development and innovation such as ecaIndex, ecaCloud and more recently cheapest energy all reflect our values and demonstrate our commitment to the virtuous approach to energy that we adopt on behalf of our customers, providing products that help them to plan energy use and more importantly conservation which in turn saves them considerable sums of money.

Innovations such as our partnerships to offer comprehensive solutions for instance ecaWater represent future opportunities to bring our principles to a whole new area. Future partnerships are planned in order to offer the most comprehensive range of energy solutions possible from a single source. This intent is visible through our purchase of The Green Consultancy.

Support for our adopted charity Melanoma Focus remains an important priority for us. This year we have set a high target of raising £10K and with the help of many of you we are now more than 60% of the way to achieving this sum.

Remaining fully independent both in terms of ownership and supplier coverage is and always will be at the heart of all that we do.

This thirtieth year has also seen changes to our management structure with the appointment of Steve Silverwood to the post of Managing Director and Stephen Mellor moving up to Company Chairman a post that his mother Pat Mellor held for the previous 22 years. Pat will continue to work very closely with both Stephen and Steve in shaping the business for the future in her role as Board Director.

So finally we would just like to say a big thank you to you all for your own part in our history, we wish you well and look forward to continuing the eca story in future years.