Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the ECA Group website and for viewing our Privacy Policy.


ECA Group is an energy consultancy based in the UK offering a broad range of energy utility services to national, small and medium-sized business.

As an essential part of our business, we collect and manage client and non-client data. In doing so, we observe the UK data protection legislation, and are committed to protecting and respecting clients’ and non-clients’ privacy and rights.

In order that you are reliably informed about how we operate, we have developed this privacy notice, which describes the ways in which we collect, manage, process, store and share information about you as a result of you being our client or visiting this site. The privacy notice also provides you with information about how you can have control over the use of your data.

If you have any comments or queries regarding our use of your data, please contact our Group Data Protection department at [email protected]

Alternatively, you can write to our Group Data Protection department at ECA Group, ECA House, 1 Dronfield Court, Civic Centre, Dronfield, S18 1NQ

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