Your energy online

eca cloud facilitates access to your energy data online from anywhere and at anytime, thus allowing individual sites to view graphs and reports of energy use so that key decisions can be taken locally. The cloud system is configurable to allow varying degrees of access. Graphs and reports may be customised as required.

The information is updated half hour or AMR data and is presented in the portal, in addition direct meter readings may be taken and submitted directly on the site. These readings are validated immediately and the user notified where values are outside of an expected range. Graphs and reports from this data provide immediate feedback of usage patterns.

eca cloud allows remote access to your data and closely monitors all situations. Remedial action can be taken immediately when problems are identified.


Site specific Dashboards are in built into the portal so that the information provided is relevant for each site. This allows an overall assessment of actual performance vs target, as well as usage patterns and year on year trends.

eca cloud Reports

The eca cloud report library currently includes:

  • Single year (Electricity, Gas and Water)
  • Two year comparison (Electricity, Gas and Water)
  • Two year cost report inc. budget (Electricity, Gas and Water)
  • Two year consumption report inc. target (Electricity, Gas and Water)
  • Day night analysis
  • Site aggregate profile
  • View invoices, and invoice detail
  • One month site consumption profile
  • One month site “heatmap” report

Reports are rendered in the portal, but can be downloaded as a PDF or Excel file as required.

Further Options and Information

Customisation of reports and widgets in cloud is very flexible and powerful presentations can be designed as required.

Unlimited numbers of sites may be granted access to the system. Users are given permission to view either one site or multiples subject to individual privileges. The application administrator is able to add usernames and passwords, and grant extra features to the users. All communication to the server is secure using https protocol.

Users may be assigned to groups for configuration purposes. Individual groups may then be given access to individual sets of reports and permissions as required.

Download our ecacloud PDF user guide here

Alternatively you can watch our online ‘How to’ guides;

Logging In & Getting Started
Viewing Data For A Specific Meter
Submitting A Meter Reading
View Site Or Meter Level Reports

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