Peace of mind & bottom line benefits

Business energy bureau service

eca core is the most complete energy cost and business energy bureau service of it’s kind.

eca core clients benefit from having a team of specialists focused on their organisation, headed by an assigned account manager to take care of their business.

eca core service includes:

  • Account Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Invoice Validation
  • Query Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Reporting
  • New Connections
  • Metering
  • MOP/DC Group Deals
  • Gas Oil Conversions
  • Dispute Management

eca core clients benefit from our procurement services that secure you the most beneficial supply contract for your requirements.

eca cores’ Invoice Validation service performs a myriad of minute validations on every invoice that we receive on your behalf. Where an invoice fails validation our Query Resolution Service resolves the inaccuracy on your behalf while reporting our actions to your designated contact.

eca core protects you from overcharging and also undercharging, automatically rebalancing your financial position.

eca core provides a Reporting Service, that uses your language and references and focuses your attention into the issues that are most important to your business.

eca core users constantly benefit from our expertise. In the last 12 months we have delivered the following results on their behalf:

  • Over £22 million of savings secured through our specialist negotiations
  • Over 78,000 billing queries resolved, as many as 80% of all supplier invoices fail our comprehensive validation process
  • Over £2.5million of refunds secured through our query management process

Let us identify similar savings for your portfolio!

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