Searching the past to find future energy savings

Eca Forensic investigates historical electricity, gas and water billing and identifies potential savings that would not be found in any normal invoice validation process.

We have over 28 years experience in the Energy Industry, in the last 12-months we have secured £2.5m of refunds to our varied and extensive client portfolio.

  • Risk free project – no win, no fee
  • Peace of mind that historical billing is correct
  • Our fee taken only on the net position
  • Competitive % share on savings fee
  • Analysis done on all supplies – no cherry picking
  • Full detailed report prior to any action being taken
  • Six year review checking for any anomalies or errors
  • Investigate and report on both undercharging and overcharging issues before taking any action
  • Ongoing online access to ECA’s innovative ‘market index’, bulletins, blogs and supplier index

Case Studies

Over £125k in refunds secured for a leading retailer that previously had a policy not to use consultants and believe their invoices were fully validated.

Over £100k in refunds identified for a large NHS hospital on metering anomalies found in the historical billing.

Over £65k identified for a leading University across their estate on both electricity and gas invoicing.

A national supermarket chain saved £118k through the audit and our resolution services.

A large Construction plc saved 12% on outstanding charges through our audit services.

Let us identify similar electricity, gas and water billing savings for your portfolio! For more options or information complete our questionnaire