Intelligent energy buying

In today’s volatile and internationally driven energy markets, clients value the reliability, knowledge, guidance and understanding that ECA provides through our commercial energy procurement service. We work hard for you all the time, managing your risk and ensuring transparency, giving protection from bullish markets and ensuring benefit from bearish markets.

Our approach and promise of the ‘most beneficial price and pricing structure’ puts you at the heart of our commercial utility negotiations.

eca procurement service includes:

  • Risk free contracts
  • Baseload power purchasing
  • Hedging
  • Multi-purchasing points of daily purchasing
  • Basket Deals
  • Gas/Oil Purchasing

We begin by understanding your requirements from your energy contracts and with it your approach to risk or certainty. As commercial utility brokers, we are brave enough to listen to the client and source contract structures that meet your needs whilst helping you understand the opportunities and risks to you and make an educated and strategic decision.

Whichever strategy is right for you…

eca’s business energy procurement service will approach every purchasing decision considering:

  1. Your risk appetite and risk management strategy
  2. The risk management methodology appropriate to your organisation
  3. Targets, budgets and triggers
  4. Reporting formats for tracking trading activity
  5. Benefit and success criteria

Throughout all our negotiations on your behalf, our business energy brokers:

  • Are independent of all suppliers, so our recommendation is the right choice for you at all times
  • Represent you in the energy market through an Innovative constant tendering approach
  • Keep you in tune with the market movements through innovative market reporting including the eca index
  • Report the bottom line cost from our negotiations at all times
  • Incorporate metering and data collection strategies to support all other energy related activities
  • Take the process from tendering to placement to save you time and give you peace of mind
  • Have consistently and significantly outperformed the markets year after year

For further options and information regarding our commercial energy procurement service complete our questionnaire