The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t consume


As business energy consultants, eca virtuous is our all encompassing energy service through which your organisation embraces the mantra of ‘the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t consume’ and becomes a virtuous energy company.

eca virtuous reduces your expenditure on energy through a strategic approach to business energy management that ensures a symbiotic relationship between the three key elements:

Your usage of energy
Your carbon obligations
Your cost of energy

eca virtuous is…

  • A continuous, holistic and developing process of cost and consumption reduction
  • Based on a longterm support model delivering savings that last, whilst giving you complete control of energy and carbon liabilities

As a business energy consultancy it becomes more important and challenging, we have brought our services together under this single banner. This service links all we do into one single goal:

“To improve your bottom line performance”.

As a business energy consultancy,  we are supported by, but not limited to, a collective of expert and proven service providers, ranging from non-independent (but also non-exclusive) specific product and service providers to other fully independent service providers with specific skill-sets and expertise.

This allows us to remain independent and the strategic, supporting and symbiotic service provider to your organisation, maintaining the permanent focus on the fulfilment of your requirements and covering all aspects of your energy and carbon profile. We remove the burden from you, but you maintain the control.

You retain your account manager, who is then supported by specialists in every area: including energy procurement, carbon obligations, monitoring and targeting, and energy reduction through specific technologies including renewable energies. Each contract can stand alone but benefits from the single, primary source of data (metering / invoicing).

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